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  • 27X
    Faster Development
    Accelerate both development and deployment, pushing your projects to completion quicker than ever.
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    Reduction Cost
    Dramatically cut costs without hidden fees, making efficiency affordable.
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    Expanded Access
    Broaden your horizons with extensive access to external data.
  • 8X
    Enhanced Composability
    Seamlessly integrate and customize with other systems, simplifying complexity.
Data Cloud Management
Create your infrastructure quickly with our drag-and-drop design framework. Instead of spending weeks coding and integrating services and applications, you can now build your infrastructure in the region of your choice, with the workloads and applications you need, all in just minutes.

Speed to production

Ongoing cost

Explore Possibilities
Our modularized design allows you to quickly design, combine, and provision web2 and web3 infrastructure products. This includes connecting to data feeds, building APIs, linking to blockchains (RPC nodes), and accessing compute, storage, databases, analytics, and developer tools. Deploy in seconds and only pay for compute and storage, saving thousands.
Blockchain and Smart Contracts
Democratizing Data: Free Immutable Data to the World
Many Integrations. Endless Possibilities
Xnode's modularized design and SDKs
Building open-source decentralized data infrastructure in Web2 and Web3 data
Openmesh, 2024