Openmesh Vision and Values
Openmesh is building a decentralized data infrastructure aimed at storing important global data without a middleman, starting with Web3 data.
Openmesh tools and stack are designed for developers to plan, design, deploy, and manage data infrastructure and data applications in minutes instead of weeks, and pay only for computing and storage, nothing else.
No license fees, no setup fees.
Openmesh is committed to democratize access to data for everyone
Development of Openmesh will always be open-source and transparent
Decentralized designs limit single-entity dominance and reduce single failure points
Openmesh emphasizes on privacy, trust, and transparency by design
Data Products
Data APIs
Your APIs & Data Cloud
Free IaaS Tools
Open community
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Becoming an Openmesh Expert
Openmesh is an open-source project and does not have sales, or technical support like traditional SaaS or IaaS business models. An Openmesh Expert is an individual or a company who has an in-depth understanding, familiarity, and proficiency with the Openmesh technology stack and tools. Their expertise isn't just theoretical; they actively build, contribute, enhance, and maintain the Openmesh Network, ensuring its seamless growth and development.
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Openmesh Expert Community
The Openmesh Expert Network caters to individuals or entities well-versed in data and Web3 infrastructure. They assume a crucial role in implementing Openmesh Core services for businesses through the acquisition of the Openmesh Open License. The Openmesh Expert Network (OEN) serves as the collective nucleus of all Openmesh Experts (OEs).
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Openmesh Academy
Openmesh Academy is a comprehensive platform that equips you with the knowledge and tools to leverage Openmesh's core services effectively. It's a hub of learning modules designed to empower the OEN in harnessing decentralized data clouds and cutting-edge technologies.